Graphic Design / Branding

The Self; The Other Branding Guidelines

Every year the senior graphic design students of Judson University put up a gallery show with their senior projects for other students to come in, watch, and get feedback from faculty. Each one of us had a specific role when creating the visual identity of the show, and mine specifically was to create the branding guidelines to have a cohesive graphic feel throughout all of the parts of the show.


Graphic Design / Branding


Naruma loosely comes from the greek word backbone. This start-up has as an aim to empower women throughout the world, as they are the backbone of this society. For this project I created the logotype, mock ups for merchandise, as well as a booklet displaying the items they sell.

Graphic Design

Photo Story - ITeams

When we needed to promote the two new section of the ITeams website in which the stories of the people that had been positively affected by the organization would be told I knew we’d need some sort of visual “item” that would connect both the PhotoStory section and the Impact Report, but also could be used to visually engage people by incorporating it with photos, as well as stand by itself in case we needed to use them as promotional cards, or on newsletters. To provide a solution to all of these needs I created a series of banners that could be used with different photos, as well as newsletters on emails or printed.