Naruma loosely comes from the greek word backbone. This start-up has as an aim to empower women throughout the world, as they are the backbone of this society. For this project I created the logotype, mock ups for merchandise, as well as a booklet displaying the items they sell.

Logo + Process:

Going with the idea of backbone and femininity, I wanted to create a logotype that would be both strong but at the same time gentle. After researching and making different connections to the name and the idea behind it, I decided to base the icon of the logotype on a 2point-perspective drawing of a column, the backbone of every building. Being very careful to not pick a color for its “femininity” (although I think there is no such thing as a feminine color), I picked a light tile color that represents calmness, and peace. Then for the typeface, I did not want something that would be too geometrical but had to have a strong structure so it compliments the icon while not taking over. Using these characteristics I came up with the following logotype for the company.